Just like buying YouTube or Instagram followers. Instead of getting authentic listeners who listen to the whole song and even share it with people they think will like it, you’re just paying for your content to look good. You’re not making the most of the millions of daily Audiomack listeners to advance your reputation.

Now, while we have highlighted some risks here around buying Audiomack plays, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do so. It just means that you have to be careful, and use discretion to decide how you do it.

Instead of going from zero to thousands of Audiomack plays overnight, try to take it a bit slower. Start with a few hundred, or a thousand. Go back to focusing on your music, then decide to purchase a bit more. This way you can work your way up the Audiomack popularity ladder, and your plays come across as real and genuine.

How do you buy Audiomack plays?

1. Purchase via BuyShazam

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The first way to buy Audiomack plays is by purchasing them directly with a company like BuyShazam.

BuyShazam is a Audiomack promotion service. They are the kind of company that can tap into a vast network of influencers and connections in their industry to help you advance your Audiomack’s reputation.

The best part is, they make the entire setup process really simple and straightforward. All you have to do is go to their website, and decide how many Audiomack plays you want to purchase right now. They depend on their network as a promotion service to ensure that you get high-quality plays, which is going to protect your Audiomack’s reputation.

The reason that we like BuyShazam is that they guarantee 100% real Audiomack plays. This means that they aren’t in the business of using bots with their clients, which could pose a risk to your reputation. Instead, they take the time to find authentic engagement for your music, so that you can grow it in ways that are credible and build your social proof.

Another thing that you will like about BuyShazam is that they are relatively affordable, especially when you compare them to other companies in the industry.

2. Other Ad Networks

You might not know this, but you can actually use other ad networks out there to get traffic to your Audiomack profile. These include Facebook of course, but there are lesser-known options as well including Outbrain.

The thing about other ad networks, though, is that there is a lot less user intent. This means that you have to go out to other networks and websites and encourage those people to make the leap to your Audiomack profile. You can think of this approach as cold calling – before you call them, they weren’t even thinking about being interested in your Audiomack tracks.

This is a harder method because you aren’t engaging with people who are already on the platform. This also means that your cost-per-view can end up being a lot higher, which means that it’s going to end up costing a lot of money to grow your plays on your Audiomack tracks.

The upside to this approach is that it does end up exposing you to a much wider network of users, which is going to be great for track awareness and promoting your name as an artist in general. If you are trying to find other people online and convert them into Audiomack listeners, then this is a good option. Just remember that it’s going to cost you a lot of money to get your Audiomack profile to a good place, where you are satisfied with your play count.

How to get more Audiomack plays without buying them

The good news is that with Audiomack, you also have the option of getting more plays on your music without buying them. You definitely don’t need to go down the buying route, so let’s take a look at a few ways to grow your Audiomack plays without spending too much of your marketing budget.

1. Create a Audiomack for Artists Account

When you create a Audiomack for Artists account, you can instantly be verified, which is a great way to add to your account’s credibility. You will also have exclusive access to all kinds of different features, from data analysis of your tracks to notifications when your music has been added to someone else’s playlist.

This is kind of like the business version of an Instagram account, and it’s going to go a long way in helping you get seen by more of the right people. It is also going to show them that you take your Audiomack growth seriously as an artist, and want to do really well with it.

Make sure that you use it to keep track of playlist data, and try to keep in front of trends so that you can capitalize on them. The best part is that this feature is completely free to use, and helps you find out when someone is listening to your music, as well as which tracks are doing really well.

2. Create Your Own Playlists

Instead of waiting for people to build hype around your music, why not create your own playlists? This is a great way to bring your best tracks together in one place. The best part is that you can pin them to your homepage, which is a great way to show off your current content to visitors of your Audiomack profile and bring your community together.

This is where the promotion of other people’s music comes in as well. You can create playlists for your audience to listen to that include some of your other favorite artists. You never know – they might return the favor and choose to feature some of your tracks on their playlists as well. This is a great way to work with others to promote your tracks so that you can be seen by even more people in your industry.

3. Cross-Promote Your Content

If you have other social networks that you are trying to grow at the same time as Audiomack, then capitalize on them. Make sure that when you come out with a brand new track on Audiomack, cross-promote it to the rest of your social networks. If you have managed to build up a bit of a following on Instagram and Twitter, then there is a great opportunity to transcend audiences and consolidate them for even more exposure on your tracks.

Promoting your music to your various social networks is a great way to stay dynamic in your community, and drive more traffic to your Audiomack account. While it might be a bit time-consuming, try to consolidate your online activity with all of your networks, so that they can grow simultaneously.

4. Buy Audiomack Premium

Audiomack Premium is a monthly subscription service that remove ads, unlock special app features, and bring your support of artists to the next level, price is $4.99 USD per month.


So, there you have it. Now that you have had a chance to see the three main ways of buying Audiomack plays, which one do you think you’re going to try first?

Of course, there are many different factors that determine your decision. It depends on your budget, which is why I recommend testing each one out to see which is best for your brand. If your budget doesn’t allow for experimentation, begin with the first approach.

Audiomack is a powerful way to get your music seen by the right audience and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to get more Audiomack plays on your tracks, and watch your music do a lot better this year.